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At Cook Vegan we are passionate about plant-based foods and have a real desire to help everyone go meat and dairy-free every day of the week-not just Monday. If you want to change your diet for health reasons, compassion, environmental or financial reasons, you’re in the right place. We understand your values because we have veganism at our core.

We also know you want great food ideas, so we’re going to show you just how easy it is to create everyday meals, special treats, and dinner party triumphs. We welcome your feedback, suggestions and contributions. We hope you enjoy making and enjoying the recipes in these pages.

About Cook Vegan

Cook Vegan is more than just a collection of recipes: think of it as your encyclopaedia of plant-based ingredients and techniques. Whether a seasoned vegan, or a newbie, we want to make you a more confident and proficient cook. Food should be a joy, and armed with the information about nutrition, kitchen skills, and of course a whole load of meal ideas, you will find plant-based living easy and exciting.


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